The International Goose Specialist Group (GSG) has been publishing the GooseBulletin since 1991. Reports and publications from international goose research appear here. The current editor is Johan Mooij. The GooseBulletin accepts all manuscripts dealing with goose ecology, goose research and goose conservation in the broadest sense goose research and goose conservation in the broadest sense, as well as Goose Specialist Group articles.
All manuscripts should be submitted in English and in electronic form. Text files should be submitted in ".doc" format, font "Times New Roman 12 point", tables and diagrams in ".xls" format and images in good quality and in ".jpg" format. Species names should be written in capital letters as follows: Greylag Goose, Greenland White-fronted Goose, etc. Follow appropriate authority for common names (e.g. Checklist of Birds of the Western Palearctic). Give the (scientific) Latin name in full, in italics, at the first mention in the main text, not separated by brackets. Numbers - less than ten use words, e.g. (one, two, three etc.), more than 10, use numbers with spaces for numbers above 1 000. If in doubt, please refer to the latest issue of the GooseBulletin.