How can I report an observation?

To report a colour-marked White-fronted or Bean goose, we have set up a new web site that gives you an online map to determine bird’s position. The web site allows you to report Bean, White-fronted, Barnacle and Brent geese and gives you immediate access to ringing data and all other sightings of the bird. Additionally you can view all marked birds you ever have seen.
You`ll have to provide a username and password to log into the database. These will be sent to you if you register on the web site.


Reporting Online with map

Alterra has developed an Internet portal where you can report your observations online. Coordinates of locations will be determined automatically by clicking on the map and you`ll be sent a ringing-data report automatically some hours later. Various other information is given as well. For more information, click here.

Abdominal Profile Index (API)

The Abdominal Profile Index (API) was developed to estimate the body condition of individual birds. By giving a value to the profile of the abdomen, it is possible to estimate the fat storage of the bird. Try to estimate the API of your birds. Below you`ll find a small manual to determine the API index of your birds.

Reporting other Bird Species

Have you sighted other colour-marked bird species? Dirk Raes gives you a large summary of all known avian marking projects on his web site. See here.