Sightings of marked Whitefronts in 2004/05 (klick for enlarge)

Sightings of Whitefronts in 2004/05

As in last season, most of the sightings were made in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. But there were sightings in France, Hungary, England and Scotland, Denmark, the Baltic states and Poland as well. Some very interesting observations were made in Russia, from which we received many reports of shot birds. The map shows all sightings made during the past season.

Distribution of marked Bean Geese in 2004/05 (klick for enlarge)

Sightings of marked Bean Geese

About 100 new Beans were marked with the same yellow neckcollars as were the White-fronts. The map below shows the distribution of marked Bean geese in 2004/05, remarkably different from that of the White-fronts; one bird was even seen in Slovenia last year.

Reported shot Whitefronts 1998-2005

Shot Whitefronted Geese 1998-2005

Altogether 158 White-fronts have been reported shot so far. Naturally, this would be only a fraction of the marked birds shot annually. The distribution of reported bags reveals a lot about the migration routes of White-fronts east of Poland toward the breeding grounds; birds migrate either northwest via Karelia or due east before heading northwest along the Urals. Since the distribution of reports is scattered throughout European Russia, there seems to be no real "corridor" of migration.

Most of these birds were shot during spring migration. In Russia an efficient system of hunting inspectors reports metal rings and neckbands, so we have most of the recoveries from Russia and Belorus. However, there is a large discrepancy between bag numbers and numbers of reported marked birds in other jurisdictions, e.g., in Germany, Poland and the Netherlands.