A TV movie about geese on Kolguev evolve

For the German broadcast ZDF two films about bird migration will be produced. For Germany geese are still important winter guests and so the film will focus on them. In June 2015 members of IWWR e.V. and Russian collegues travelled with a team of (Colourfield tell-a-vision) from Dortmund to Kolguev. Main task was to film goose research in the field and hatching of chicks in the beginning of July. The film can be seen on German TV programme at TerraX-Slot in Octover 2016.



Actual weather data from Kolguev

Here you will find actual data of the two weather stations on Kolguev:
Bugrino Bulgrino village in the south of the island or
meteo-stationin the northwest of the island.
Translation of Russian wording: clouads, rain (mm), airpressure (mm), temperature, huminity (5), wind direction (cyrillic), wind speed (m/sec)

Journey to Kolguev 2015

On 26th June 2015 a group of Russian and German goose researchers started to goose breedings grounds on Kolguev again. This time the main focus was on a documentation produced by a 5 person TV team accompanied the researchers.
This <year we had one day delay: our take-off was moved for a day because of heavy storm and rain. Once again we shared our flight with Dutch and Russian collegues who wanted to go to Tobseda, the researchers station on the mainland opposite of Kolugev.

Arrival at Tobseda
Unloading the helikopter

west coast

This time we flew from Tobseda not direct way to our campsite: we flew along the west coast to visit the steep cliffs there. Though the island is build from sand and loam, up to 30m high cliffs can be found at the west coast where the sea removes soil by every storm. At the east coast the ground sediments again and builds large flat wetlands, lagoons and wadden.
Unfortunatly we were not able to land there while helikopter got in trouble of timing.

Bilder von
der Westküste
Kolguevs (zum Vergrößern
ins Bild klicken)

Arrival at camp site: Balki-Mart

Approximatly 8km away from the 2012 camp we placed camp of 2015 at the Nenets settlement Balki-Mart. A small creek flows along the cabins. Surprisingly we found a colony of Barnacle Goose breeding in between the village protected by Glacous Gulls breeding on the roofs of the houses, so we had to put up our tents outsite the village and were not able to use the cabins. On the other hand: we had best opportunities to film breeding Barnacles

Panorama-view of the camp site

Kolguev Impressions 2015

Balki-Mart - temporial village

Barnacle flying


Breeding pair of Barnacle Goose

Barnie in blue

incubating Barnacle goose

hatching gosling

Filming hatching gosling

hatching Barnacle chicks

well done, goslings!

Preparing camera-copter

Glaucous Gull

Attacking Gull

Glacous Gull

Attacking Gull

Calling Gull



female Long-tailed Duck

female Long-tailed Duck

Red phalarope

end of Phalarope

View to campsite 2012

Pair of Grey Plovers

Storm in advance

Tent in Storm

Stonechat male alarming

Whitefronted Goose family


Glacous Gull with chicks

more Barnie blue

female Stonechat

Barnacle male close to nest

Female Stonechat huting insects

good view in blue

family impressions

Enemy and protector of geese: Glacous Gulls

Barnacle goose family

Arrival of helikopter in stormy weather