new transmitter can store much more data

Goose tracking using new techniques

Starting in spring 2013 we`re using a new technique in tracking geese. The new generation of transmitters is GSM-based and sends GPS position data via normale mobile phone network. By using SMS system transmitters send their position to movebank-database. A special datagateway allows to present the data on the projects website.



lots of data are stored on the datalogger

But transmission of data by SMS system is limited. So just a selection of GPS data is send by mobile phone system. Masses of data caused by high-resolution tracking are stored on the transmitter itself and can be read out by special equipment using FM connection. For this its necassary to have a good and high position.



Transmitters from Kologriv (RUS), ringed in May 2013, see here.
Transmitters from Kolguev (RUS), ringed in Aug 2013, see here.
Transmitters from Hungary, ringed in Nov 2013, see here.
Tracked families, ringed in Jan 2014 at The Netherlands see here.

Tracking Whitefronted Geese is a postdoc project in responsibility of Dr. Andrea Koelzsch (Max Planck Instutit for Ornithology, Radolfszell) in Cooperation with Institute for Waterbird and Wetland Research IWWR e.V. Germany.