Back on Kolguev Island

In 2012 we were able to return to Kolguev for another breeding season. Again we build two camps for the work: one camp in central Kolguev based in an abandoned village of rendeer people and the other one at the delta of Peschanka river.
Arctic spring has started very early this year and so most of the geese were still arrived when crew came to Kolguev in the beginning of June. Incubation started at this moment.

Last crew members returned from Kolguev on 1st of august. During the next weeks they will report about their adventures here.
For the moment you can see some impressions from the period end of June to mid of July 2012.

Photo impressions

Im Helikopter nach Bugrino / Flight in helicopter to Bugrino
Schneemobile sollten uns zum Camp bringen / Transport to camp by snow scooter
Schneemobil-Rennen / Snow scooter race...
Schlittenrentiere / Sledge-rendeers
Wir sitzen in einem verlassenen Dorf fest / Stuck in abandoned Nenets village
nach vier Tagen endlich im Camp / after four days finally arrived at Main Camp
Temminck Standläufer / Temminck's Stint
Zwergstrandläufer / Little Stint
Eismöwe / Glaucous Gull
Prachteiderentenfamilie / Family of King`s Eiders
Raufussbussard / Rough-legged Buzzard
Blick auf das Camp / Main Camp
Mehrtägiger Marsch zur Plot-Kontrolle / Hiking for controlling study plots
Schmarotzerraubmöwe / Arctic Skua
Mitternachtssonne / Midnightsun
Goldregenpfeifer / Golden Plover
Nonnengansfamilie / familiy of Barnacle Geese
Ankunft des Helikopter / Arrvival of helikopter
Flug über Kolguev / flight over Kolguev