21-11-2010: Transmittered geese was released at Hungary

In early morning of 21-11-2010 a new satellite-tracked Whitefronted goose was released. This time at Lake Fertö, Hungary. The bird was determinated as an adult male with its mate and two offsprings. While the family got neckbands starting with "1" the male was marked with a lime coloured legring "C". We called him "Gyula".
Very soon you can follow its migration through Europe and hopefully up to its breeding ground here at this website.

Transmittered bird before releasing
Gyula with its family (c) G. Kraft

25-11-2010: Gyula was seen at Lake Fertö

On 25-11-2010 Gyula and his family were observed at Meksikopuszta near Fertöujlak village. Gyula was together with its mate and five offspring. Mate and two offsprings were also marked with neckbands.
Day before only the mate was seen with the youngs by M. Ferenczi and G. Kraft.

Gyula with PTT (klick for enlarge) (c) G. Kraft

25-11-2010: first pics from PTT Gyula

On morning of 22-11-2010 G. Kraft was able to make this great photo of transmittered bird Gyula and its mate at Mekzikopuszta (HUG).