New: Report of Kolguev Research

Kruckenberg, H., A. Kondratyev, J.H, Mooij, C. Zöckler & E. Zaynagutdinova (2008): White-fronted Goose Flyway Population Status Interim Report of a preliminary study in 2006. Angewandte Feldbiologie 2: 1-77.

On 68 Seiten we present our results from the Kolguev and Ladoga expedtions in 2006: satellite tracking of 5 whitefronts marked in winter 2006 in the Netherlands, expedition to Olonets Fields, Russia, and to the breeding grounds on Kolguev Island (Barentssea).

ISSN 1861-227X; 68 coloured pages DINA 5, 54 fig. and photos. 20€ incl. postal transfer abroad. order here.