We released the first bird

Micha was the last of five transmittered Beans in 2008

On 8th of December we caught again 25 Bean geese at Luckau, Saxonia, marked them with neckcollars and released them again. One of this birds was fitted with our last GPS satellite transmitters and marked it with a yellow neckband ("L94 yellow") and named it "Micha". Beside the yellow collars we also used 7 black collars for Beans.

Micha was seen again

On 1 Februar 2009 Peter Volten observed transmittered Bean Goose Micha with its familiy at Bonnerveen near Gieten (province Drente, The Netherlands). Part of his family were marked birds DAJ black and L85 yellow. All birds fed on pasture in a large flock of Beans.

PTT Micha is roosting together with its family in NE Netherlands (Foto: Peter Volten)

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