Kologriv Flood Plains

Kologriv – one of the smallest cities in Russia – is located in Kostroma Oblast’ on the Unzha River, a tributary of the Volga. Unzha`s flood plain is well known as a staging area for migrating geese, mainly White-fronted geese (Anser albifrons). Here, thousands of birds spend several weeks on their way to their Arctic nesting grounds.
To investigate the flyways of Whitefronts, 36 birds were caught by rocket nets and marked with white-on-black neckbands and the metal rings of the Bird Ringing Centre of Russia on 2 and 5 May 2008. Catching was organized as part of the joint international project “SPRING staging areas of the Upper Volga", involving the Bird Ringing Centre of Russia (Institute of Ecology and Evolution of the Russian Academy of Sciences), ALTERRA (Wageningen NL), the Institute of Geography (RAS), and the Kologriv Forest State Nature Reserve (Zapovednik “Kologriv Les”).
The Kologriv area is part of the “Kologriv Flood Plain” Nature Refuge and an especially suitable place for neckband reading. During three weeks spent in Kologriv in spring 2008, 40 neckbands were read, including those of 26 of the 36 newly marked individuals.