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You could follow the migration of our geese live in the web. All incoming data are parsed and presented in the web automatically. A special tool presents the data on a satellite image or map. To follow Cas on his migration route, please klick goose tracking.

Cas was named like one of the Dutch Goose catchers

Cas LPW2

Cas was caught on 19-2-2008 near Haarsteeg (Noord-Brabant, NL) and fittet with another satellite transmitter. He also was marked with coloured legrings (left lime P, right white 2). At 13 o'clock he was released in a flock of 13 whiterfronts which all were marked with black neckbands. So the mate of Cas might wear a neckband (AAR, AGY, MYJ, MYN or MYS).

Cas was read in this flock

Cas was roosting near Moscow

From 20 till 28 april we (Gerard Muskens, Dirk Tanger and Gerrit Walstra) were with Peter Glasov in Russia. Because of the frost and snow we could not go to the first days to Kostroma region, so we decided to look for whitefronts around moscou. Because CAS was transmittered in the south of moscou we went to that region. And on 22 april in the afternoon we found a flock of whitefronts (600) and bean goose (200). Peter saw leg rings and a transmitter, but he could not see the marks on the legrings, because the geese were to far away, but it must be CAS. I could take a picture of a part of the group were CAS belongs to.

This photo was taken by telescope (c) J. van Linden

15-3-2009: Cas roostin near Waal (NL)

On 15-3-2009 Jaap van Linden was able to take this picture of transmittered bird Cas between Well and Ammerzoden at river Maas (NL). The bird was feeding in a flock of 208 Whitefronts. Also he saw neckbands V31 yellow and B30 & B31 lime in the flock.

Cas was seen

On 2009-01-20 Cas was observed by Berend Voslamber near Kerkerdom / Kaliwaal (NL). Bird and transmitter looked fine. At this moment either partner nor offspring were seen.

16-3-2009: more pictures from Cas

On 16-03-2009 Dio Hornman and Otto Kwak saw Cas again near Ammerzoden feeding in the outerdijk of river Maas in a group of 194 whitefronts. V31 yellow, B30 and B31 lime were present as well.

Cas is roosting again in Maas area

On 3rd of March 2010 Cas was seen again in the region between Well and Ammerzoden (NL), were he was seen by Jaap van der Linden in the foreland of river Wal (Rhine). Cas was roosting in a flock of 144 birds and was probably mated with an unringed femaled. < BR/>On 7.3.2010 the bird was seen again bei Jaap van der Linden, Dio Hornman and Albert Vrielink near Ammerzoden. See also here and here.

pictures from Cas (c) J.v.d.Linden