Eric was released at Friesland

On 15-2-2008 Eric was caught near Eernewoude in The Netherlands, province Friesland, and marked with coloured legrings (left: lime P, right: white 3). We gave him the name Eric because our youngest geese observer, Eric Müller, asked us for this. We hope Eric will have a good journey this year!

Erics journey live in the web

All GPS data coming in are automatically parsed by the server and presented to our website. So you can follow our transmittered birds in the web. To have a look for Erics journey klease klick here.

8-3-2008: Eric was seen

On 08-03-2008 Marnix Jonkers observed Eric at the "Hoeksmeer" (provinze Groningen, NL) near Delfzijl. This is a well known area for Whitefronts where up to 20,000 individuals roost.

Here Eric was feeding on 23-3-08 photo: Andrius Sirtautas

23-3-2008: Eric's roost at Lithuania

Andrius Sirtautas visitied the place Eric used on 23-3-2008 between 11-16 o'clock. He took some pictures of the site to illustrate how the area looks like.