Marco wird mit seiner Familie freigelassen

Marco (LPWN)

On 9-2-2008 Marco was caught near Lith (NL) and was marked with legrings LPWN. His family was also caught and marked with neckbands (female: FTH schwarz und FTJ, FTK, and FTL for offspring).

Marco was shot near Ryazan

On 26-4-2009 transmittered-bird Marco was accidentally shot near Ryazan (RUS); a local hunter reported this event. The bird was flying alone out from a flock. The hunter did not see the transmitter on the back of the flying goose.

We got four pictures of the bird and its transmitter. These photos show destruction at the base of the antenna as well as some signs of air beneath the glass of the solar panel. So, we`ll send the transmitter back to the manufacturer to check and repair. In this way, we may be able to use it on another goose next winter.


shot transmittered goose
leg rings LPWN
transmitter (c) I. Babaev

Follow Marco to the breeding grounds!

Here you can follow Marco on his journey to the breeding grounds in 2008 and then back to the Netherlands for the winter. Click here for tracking!