The first bird with a transmitter in 2008

Tracking of Melis started at Polder Arkenheen

During the late evening of 29-01-2008 near Utrecht (NL), a White-fronted gander was fitted with a transmitter and named "Melis". He was marked with leg-rings coded LPW=. At 3:20 a.m., Melis flew with other white-fronts to the Naardermeer to roost for the night.

Live: The Journey of Melis

Follow the journey of Melis live on the internet

27-3-2008: Melis' roost at Havelland

Wild boar crossing the area where Melis roosted at night (photo: Eric Müller)

Our youngest goose observer, Eric Müller, sent this photograph from the night roost Melis used on 27-3-08, and wrote, "Yesterday I read my first neckband, which I found in the Havel lowlands. It was ZPS black and sat in a flock of 40 White-fronts near Kuhlhausen. Then I asked my mother to have a look and to verify my findings. After this we used the opportunity to take a photo of the night roost of this bird, transmittered-goose Melis, who was tracked on 27-03 at 03:08; I`m sending you this photo. A group of wild boar ran through the area, so they`re in the photo, too."
Eric, we thank you a lot for this nice picture!