Greylag Goose - native breeders in Germany

In 2007 Thomas Heinicke started colour-marking breeding Greylag Geese in the eastern part of Germany. We will report on this in the near future.

Tracking of Greylag Geese in Lower Saxony

In a joined project with Institut für Vogelforschung (IfV) Vogelwarte Helgoland and Institut für Terrestrische und Aquatische Wildtierforschung (ITAW) we study the migration behaviour and breeding biology of Greylag Geese in Lower Saxony. Because the species was reintroducted by hunters in the 1980th we started to investigate them in two of the releasing sites: Großen Meer (Ostfriesland) and Dümmer as well as at Leine river where the geese established themselves during the last 30 years. So we caught Greylag families and marked them with coded collars. Some with these wearing integrated GPS-tags.
Here you can have a look to these geese.

Marked juvenile Greylags (c) H.Kruckenberg

Marking of Greylags in Germany

As in many other countries Greylag geese are marked in Germany, too. Regulary yellow neckbands or coloured legrings are used. Some of these birds can be reported via network, but not all ringers take part in this. So, in case you get no results at website please have a look to and report to projectpartner diretly.