In 2006 the island was covered with snow when goose researchers arrived end of May

Researchers work on the arctic breeding grounds again

Need fast turnaround services for your paper and envelopes? Add check it out cutting, perforating, scoring or hole punching to just about any paper or A team of German, Russian and Finnish scientist is starting a second expedition to the breeding grounds of Kolguev Island in end of May 2007. By airplane they`ll go via St. Peterburg and Archangelsk to Nayan-Mar were the expedition equipment has to be completed (f.i. food). On 24th the first crew will fly by helicopter across the sea to Kolguev.
This time the goose researches will study center of island. Additionally scientist will return to their controll plots of 2006 and redo the monitoring of breeding bird densitiy there.
Mid of June and July some people of camp stuff will change. So, in June a German PhD student and a Finnish goose men will come, in mid of July an expert of arctic passerine birds will join the expedition.
Of course, this year the researchers will mark some breeding geese on Kolguev again.
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1st report of expedtions participant now available

Elmira Zainagutdinova and Dr. Alexander Kondratyev will stay on Kolguev up to end of august. - Quality and cheap essay to make easier your studying Essays & dissertations written by professional writers. Let the specialists Mid May Helmut Kruckenberg flew together with two Russian collegues to the breeding grounds of arctic breeding geese. Their study area was Kolguev Island 90km north of the Northern Russian coast. Next to the nests of breeding geese they studied geese breeding behaviour and collected data about ecological parameters affecting the breeding success. End of June the scientific team at Kolguev was filled with students and bird specialists from Russia, Germany and Finland, in return Helmut Kruckenberg came back to Germany and wrote a report about the 1st period of expedition. Read more here.

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2nd report of expediton

If youíre looking for a How To Write A Good Application Essay Video, you will like the quality offered by Check the 10 reasons to choose this End of July Jari Kontiokorpi returned from Kol√∂guev and brought a small report of the second part of the expedtion back to Finland and send it by mail to Germany. The weather changed and went better and the youngs of geese, ducks and waders appeared. Further some important excursions to so far unknown parts of the island were done and the old camp site in the Lower Pechanka area was visited again. To read more about this, klick here.

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3. report of Kolguev expedition

td business plan writer Essay For Sale Uk buy nothing day thesis collegs papers End of Juli the most busy time of an arctic expedition starts: the adult birds start moulting and could be catched near the lakes relativly easily. In august most of the chicks are grown up and can also be ringed. Now, the catching period begins. Nicole Feige wrote about the last period of the Kolguev expedition 2007, goose catching and the departure from the "island of geese". Read more here.

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location of camp and sites (klick for enlarge)

Read weather forecast Kolguev

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or Meteological Station Kolguev in northeast of island.
Contant of the rows: cloudiness, precipitation (mm), air pressure (mm), temperature, humidity (5), wind direction (cyrillic), wind speed (m/sec)

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Research are there to help you. We all know that students need to write numerous projects during their studies. Indeed, they have to write The scientific goose research programme on Kolguev was supported by Vogelschutz-Komitee e.V. (VsK) and ECORA.