The goose with legring L8 was named "Niki".

On 10-2-2007 we marked whitefronted male with lime green legring "L8" near Maren-Kessel (Lith, NL) and fitted it with the last satellite transmitter. The bird was caught together with its family. The female was marked with neckband XKH black, both offsprings got a neckband, too. Niki weighed 2100g.
To follow Niki on its journey to the breeding ground, please go to Tracking Niki.

Niki was roosting near Rübehorst

On 6. and 7.3.2007 transmittered bird Niki was staging near Rübehorst in Havelland. Some days later Jochen Bellebaum was there and took this picture of flocks of geese on flodded grassland.

Niki was seen in Narew River Valley

In this flock Niki was roosting in Narew-River-Valley

On 17-3-2007 Tomek Kulakowski was observing the flock Niki was roosting. It was seen near Suraż in Narew-River-Valley (Poland). Tomek also send this picture he took from the flock