Die Gans mit dem Farbring L2 heißt Trinus

Trinus (L2 - )

On 07-02-2007 we caught Trinus near Eernewoude (Friesland, NL) and marked it with lime-green legring "2" on left leg (so code: L2 -) and equipped this bird with a satellite transmitter. Trinus weight was 2340g and he flew in a flock of 12 birds.
Up to end of March Trinus was roosting in Poland and migrated to Kostroma district in Russia. Mid of May he reached Kanin-Peninsula. End of May he was tracked on Kolguev Island.
Also end of May the news about Trinus on Kolguev came to the scientific team there and on 19th of June we tried to find Trinus there.
Here you can see the migration route of Trinus

Trinus was tracked in the glacial lake area of Kolguev (c) H. Kruckenberg

Trinus breeding range

On Kolguev Island you can see the results of the last ice-age. Large hilly areas with glacial lakes providing geese an attractive variety of breeding sites. In 2007 unfortunatly we had a very cold spring and so the glacial lake area was covered with snow and ice up to the middle of June. Most of the pairs paused breeding or started very late. When we came to Trinus positon we found a lot of geese there, mostly in larger flocks. In late evening thick fog came and so we had no chance to find Trinus.
On our picture you can see flocks of geese and imagine how the landscape look like.

Trinus back to Germany

Since 06-10-2007 Trinus is roosting in Brandenburg (D). At first he came to Odra river valley, than he changed to Schorfheide reserve and was seen there on 22-10-2007 by Jochen Bellebaum paired with XNC black and without any offsprings near Bölkendorf.
Trinus choose Felchowsee for the night on 11-10 and 22-10-2007 were lots of artic geese roosting at this time. One time Trinus was also tracked on Wolletzsee.
Near Kerkow Trinus was seen two times by Jochen Bellebaum again (12-10 and 25-10).

Lake Felchowsee is a well known roost for geese
Trinus was roosting here more then two times
Near Kerkow a farmer is scaring Trinus feeding on maize stubbles on 25-10-06

21-11-2007 - last data

Since 26-10-2007 we did not get any good coordinates from PTT Trinus which would allow us to give you any geographical information about its position. Nevertheless, the engineering data send on 21-11-2007 looks okay. The battery is very low, but there is no mortality sign shown.

9-2-08 Trinus alive

Job ten Horn saw transmittered bird Trinus on 9th february near Ochten (NL) near river Waal. He lost the transmitter. He was accompagnied with the mate XNC black , but without chicks.