Fitting Ale with PTT

Ale started at Friesland

On 21-1-2007 we caught at Skarsterlandder another Whitefronted Goose which was fitted with a satellite transmitter. Additionally we marked it with a lime-coloured legring with inscription "D" on right leg. During really bad weather the bird was released and flew very well to next roost.
If you like to follow the migration of Ale, please klick tracking Ale (- LD).

Ale was observed

On 17-3-2007 Ale was seen in Hoeksmeer near Appingedam (GRO, NL) by Ko Veldkamp. Very close by there was XTC black - maybe it was the mate of Ale.

Ale was shot near Moscow

Transmittered bird Ale was shot on 20-5-2008 near Kashino, Moscow Olblast (55° 55N / 36°54E) by an unknown hunter. This was reported via Bird Ringing Center Arnhem. Unfortunatly we have no reports what happened with the transmitter.