Geert was released near Eernewoude

On 21.1.2007 we marked next adult male with lime coloured legring "A" on left leg and put a PTT on its back.
To have a look for its journey klick tracking Geert (LA - ).

Geert is still alive!

Because transmitter signal stopped on 20-5-07 in Russian Arctic we worried PTT bird Geert was killed by local hunters on Kanin Penninsula. But on 27-1-2008 Bob Coenen was able to find Geert in a flock of roosting Whitefronts in the foreland of Waal near Spankeren (Gelderland, NL). It was easy to read the legring and Bob could also see the transmitter on the back of the bird. Only the antenna is missing.
Also the mate XNA black was missing.

Geert roosting in Danmark

Geert was seen in Danmark

On 1-4-2007 Geert was seen by Carsten Gadgaard at Søndersø, Maribo (Danmark). Geert was staging here from 30-3 to 2-4. Carsten also could take a picture of Geert where you can see transmitter and legrings very well.

Geert was seen near Dollard

PTT bird Geert with its mate

On 24-2-2007 Ko Veldkamp observed Geert and its mate near Marienchor (Dollard area, Germany) and took this photo. You can see the PTT very well.
During the last three weeks the weather in western Europe is almost bad. That`s the reason why the PTTs cannot charge enough to get take GPS fixes. So, the PTT is transmitting regulary, but the transmission contains only message "low voltage".
On 27-2-2007 at 11 o`clock the pair was seen by Helmut Kruckenberg again. Again on 08-03-2007 Helmut Kruckenberg saw the pair east of Marienchor feeding in 90m distance to the road.

On 08-03-2007 a photo of Geert and its mate was taken near Böhmerwold (NW Germany).
On 17-3-2007 Gundolf Reichert saw Geert and its mate near Oldendorp (Rheiderland, NW Germany).