Take-off for Wus at the Eempolders

On 2007-01-07 male with collar PNS black was fitted with a satellite-transmitter and released in the evening during hearvy rain and storm. Nevertheless the bird flew very well straight to the roost.
To follow the migration route of Wus klick Tracking of Wus (PNS black).

16-12-2007: Wus was seen near Wesel

On 16-12-2007 Klaus Vanscheidt and Michael Schmitz read neckband PNS black at Vahnum near Wesel (D). Unfortunatly they didn`t realized Wus by the neckband code and so they did not take care about any transmitter. So, we don`t know if the transmitters faulty, damaged of fallen from the bird.

First pics of Wus

Wus was feeding with the PTT on its back in a large flock of Whitefronted Geese

On 2007-01-27 Peter Volten was able to make some photos of transmittered bird Wus near Eemnes. The bird was feeding in a large flock of Whitefronts very close to the road.