Kees: our first bird with a transmitter in 2007

On 2006-1-11 another White-fronted gander was equipped with a satellite transmitter. The bird was named "Kees" and was caught near Middelburg (Zeeland, NL) along with his mate and two young. The female and offspring were marked with neckbands,and the male was ringed with a lime-coloured leg-ring ("P”).
View his migration routes in 2007.
Follow Kees in 2008!


Kees was roosting at Kostroma

Maybe Kees was just flying in this flock?

From 20 till 28 april 2009 Dirk Tanger, Gerrit Walstra, Gerhard Müskens and Petr Glazov visited goose staging sites around Moscow and Kostroma region (Russia).
While we had summerlike april temperatures in western Europe, the goose experts were unable to reach Kostroma because of frost and snow during the first days. So they decided to check the goose sites around Moscow first. Here they could find transmittered bird Cas. Afterwards they went to Kostroma and checked goose flocks there. Because of high flushing distances they couldn`t find transmittered bird Kees, but read ten additional neckbands in a flock of 8000 Whitefronts and 4000 Bean goose.
Nevertheless, transmission data show that Kees might have been in the flock of the picture.


Dez 2008: Kees seen again

On 22th december Peter Matthijssen saw Kees and its mate H46 lime at the Scharkloopolder (Zeeland, NL). The pair had no offsprings, but the birds looked okay and also Peter was able to check the antenna. All visible part of the transmitter seems also fine. But the weather and short days in december may hinder the solar panel to recharge the transmitter.

Nov 2008: Kees is back at Friesland

Fred Cottaar observed transmittered bird Kees with its mate H46 at Polder Harich-Elahuizen (Friesland, The Netherlands) on 19-11-2008. No offspring was observed with this pair.

11-6-2008 - Kees back on Kolguyev

On 11 June 2008 at 9 a.m., his satellite transmitter informed us that Kees had returned to Kolguyev, where he bred successfully in 2007. Several days later he returned to his old nesting site.
Compare migration routes and movements on Kolguyev in both years.


2007-01-19: Kees has been observed again

Peter Volten observed Kees on 19.01.2008 at Loenensche Buitenpolder (Gelderland, NL) and took some photos of him. Kees is mated with H46-lime and a single offspring. The PTT was readily visible and obviously okay. Longer days with more sunshine will bring us new data from this bird!

The PTT is placed on the back
Kees with his mate H46 lime

2007-12-08: Kees is back to Zeeland!

Kees is back in Friesland and Sander Lilipaly saw him again! One bit of the good news is that Kees is still mated and leading one or more offspring. Sander was able to take photos of Kees on 8-12-2007 at Razernijpolder (Zeeland, NL).

Kees and his family
The leg-ring is easy to read

Kees has been observed

Kees feeding close to his mate

Sander Lilipaly saw transmittered-bird "Kees" near the Belgian border on 19-1-2007. We observed Kees for more than 45 minutes and could not see any negative influence of the transmitter pack.
On 28-01-2007 "Kees" was observed with his mate and their offspring near Halsteren (NL) by Peter Matthijssen.