Short news from the arctic

The camp was placed in the Peschanka River Delta of Kolgeuv Island

30.7.2006 About 60,000 Barnade geese with chicks sighted in the salt meadows; Whitefronted geese are rare. First whooper swan sighting.

27.7.2006 Much rain and 6 degree celsius. 50,000 Barnacle geese were seen in the salt meadows, Whitefronted geese hide in many places.

23.7.2006 2-5 degree celsius, stormy weather. 30,000 whitefronted goose and 1000 peregrine falcon (WFG) with chicks.

17.7.2006 We were stuck at Murmansk for three days. Airplane was in delay, so we had to wait untill the 17. Now it's all organized. We'll leave tomorrow morning.

16.7.2006 Russian collegues observing D45 black with goslings in the field. Checking hatching success in control area today.

13.7.2006 German staff members leave to Murmansk via Peterburg bz plane.

12.7.2006 German team preparing to leave to Kolguyev on 13-7-2006. All things in arctic are well prepared. Alexander Kondratyev send weather details: weather often changes, temperature between 3 - 25°C, problems with mosquitoes on days without any wind. Expedition members saw another black neckband.

04.7.2006 Alexander Kondratyev wrote: "Barnacle goslings everywhere. Today we banded a 2nd Whitefronted Goose".

01.7.2006 The first breeding female was banded today (ANB black). Chicks will hatch tomorrow, so there`s no danger of deserting from clutch by female.

28.6.2006 First goslings hatched in controlled nests. Furthermore Brent geese were observed.

25.6.2006 More than 300 nests of Whitefronts are found so far. Fledging will start next days with a peak on 2-7. Also mosquitoes season starts now. Researchers observed transmigration to NEE.

15.6.2006 V30 black was found breeding just 1km east of the campsite. This bird was ringed on 23-10-2000 near Rees-Bienen (D).

14.6.2006 We ask the team on Kolguyev for Barnacle and Lesser Whitefronted Geese. Here the answer: "Barnacle arrived end of May, breeding in huge number. The total estimation is about 20.000 nests - 500 nests per squarekilometer. No Lesser-Whitefronts seen so far. Also no new neckbands of Whitefronts. Weather is cold (5°C) and windy."

11.6.2006 Alexander Kondratvey wrote "30 Whitefronted Geese nests within 2km half circle from camp. Five nests two hundret meters away. 20 other nests around peregrine falcon."

10.06.2006 Number of nests found in campsite area increased to 60 Whitefronts and 25 Bean Geese nests. In between two mixed pairs were found: Bean ♂ with Whitefronted ♀ and a Snow goose paired with a Barnacle.

07.06.2006 Today the number of found nests increase to 12 nest of Whitefronts and six of Beans. The weather has changed, The rain stopped and it started slightly to snow. Team has seen a lime-collared goose this morning. They`ll try to read the code in the next days.

05.06.2006 Bean geese common, Whitefronts very common in the region. Barnacles absend so far. Team found the first 5 nests of Whitefronts.

01.6.2006 First investigation of the observation area. Bean geese start nesting, Whitefronts just showing prenesting behaviour.

30.5.2006 Team send message from Kolguyev: "All okay. Lots of geese but raining heavily"

29.5.2006 19:30 A. Kondratyev called by satellite telephone they`d landed at the camp site. All things went good so far.

28.5.2006. The missing cargo arrived. The flight to Kolguyev is planned for tomorrow.

25.5.2006. Alexander Kondratyev starts with 3 students for an expedition to the island Kolguyev. There`s a flight from St. Peterburg to Nayar-Mar. From there the crew will fly by helicopter to Kolguyev At Nayar-Mar a surprice was waiting: the cargo stuck in Archangelsk.