Taimyr - the far east of breeding range

East of the mouth of river Jenesseij there`s Taimyr penninsula. It`s breeding area of Brent, Bean, Barnacle, Whitefronts, Lesser Whitefronts and Readbreasted Goose. On Taimyr also a lot of geese gathering for moult. Since beginning of 1990th Bart Ebbinge (institute Alterra) and collegues studying breeding biology of arctic breeding geese there. So, they started to the arctic again. Bart is reporeting from Taimyr "live" via internet. Read his weblog here.

Taimyr 2005 - Whitefronts also were ringed

catching moulting Whitefronts at Taimyr (c) Alterra

During summer 2005 altogether 130 Whitefronts of a large moulting flock of nearly 100.000 birds were caught and ringed with neckbands. As used in the Brent geese the birds were driven into a coral of nets which was put on the shoreline of a river. But it`s not easy to catch Whitefronts.
Since Johan Mooij and Igor Kostin ringed Whitefronts in 1991-1993 it`s the first time that Whitefronts were marked in the arctic again.