Adri completed group of transmittered birds

ZCC black was named "Adri".

The last goose of five transmittered birds was named "Adri". It was released on 8-2-2006 at 12:30. It`s an adult male with 2340g weight, which is very good in view of this cold winter.

"Adri" was released in the Maaspolder near `s Hertogenbosch, too. There it was staging till end of March. Then it started migrating through Germany and Poland to polish-lithunian border. After more than 2 week staging it was a huge surprise for all experts. Adri flew nonstop through Belo-Russia to the Kiev region.
There the goose stopped for nearly four weeks before migrating straight to the north up to Kanin-Penninsula. After this Adri went along the coast to Yamal and migrated further east to moulting sites of East Taimyr Lakes.
After moult Adri went back and flew along the coast to mounth of river Ob, where the bird change to migrate southwards. Than Adri flew along the Wolga River and crossed Belu-Russia to Poland. Starting on the 27-10-2006 the PTT got in trouble and transmitted incomplete data. On 18-11-2006 we got last signal of Adri which included no coordiantes. We think PTT might have had some technical problems, to we`d be happy to get any sightings of ZCC black.

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