ZAZ black was transmittered in Noord-Brabandt (klick to enlarge)

"Harry" was ringed in the Maaspolder

On 25-1-2006 we transmittered Whitefronted goose ZSH black as an adult male with 2010g at Maren-Kessel near Lith (Noord-Brabant). End of february Harry went downwards river Waal for some days and flew to south on 1-3-2006. On 2-3-2006 he returned to Lith.
Harry went via Brandenburg and Poland to the Baltic States. Just after ending of hunting season in Russia Harry passed Ladoga-See and went to Archangelsk. After a short stop there he flew eastwards.
Since 28-05-2006 the PTT of Harry is not moving anymore. Additionally the transmitter is sending out a mortality signal. In the end of august PTT was picked up by two Russian goose specialists who went there by boat and hiking through boggy tundra. Read more about their adventure here.
The data of Harrys flight are still available in the net. Soto have a look to the migration route of Harry, klick satellite tracking Harry.