"Evert" was caught in the Eempolder

"Evert" was released on 5-2-2006 (klick for enlarge)

Close to Amerfoort in the Eempolder ZEE black was ringed on 5-2-2006 as an adult male with 2400g weight. It was named like its goose catcher "Evert".
The bird was staging in the Eempolders for a long time together with local Greylag geese. End of april it moved in a flock of 80 Greylags to the Oostvaarderplassen nature reserve, where is was seen from several people.
On 24-05-2006 Evert started moving eastwards. The birds was roosting near Schwerin on 28-05 and since 31-5-2006 it was staging in naturreserve "Koblentzer See" near Pasewalk. The last data we got on the 28-06-2006 from this position. We do not know what`s happened to the bird. We think it moulted there in the flooded grassland and maybe is still alive - but it might have destroyed the antenna of the transmitter.
The data of Everts flight are still available. Please klick here to have a look for it: satellite tracking Evert

Evert`s moulting site

This was the view to the moulting site in end of September

Together with W. Kraemer of the nature reserve authority Jochen Bellebaum visited the last roosting site of Evert reported in June. The meadows west of the Koblentzer See were just new designed for nature conservation issues. So, this meadows were flooded up to late of June. A lot of Greylag geese were moulting and breeding there. The meadows provided fairly good protection against foxes, a lot of water and food and were completly undisturbed by humans. So, we think Evert was moulting there in June and might be still alive.
All observers may have a look for birds ZEE black (Evert) and report also informations about the backpacked transmitter. Have you seen it? Was there a piece of antenna left? Thanks!