ZAA black was named "Alco" like its goose catcher

Alco was caught near Lauwersmeer

On 19-1-2006 "Alco" was released at Kollumerpomp near Lauwersmeer. It move to the goose reserve close by and stay there so far. On this map you can follow migration of goose Alco during the next months.

In february the bird is still roosting at the Lauwersmeer (NE Netherlands). Because of bad weather conditions battery power of transmitters got into trouble. In the case the PTT stops GPS fixes. If the battery is to low for more than one day, the PTT is stoping transmission, shuts down and charge for a day. Afterwards starting again. That`s why the line of movements is cut.

Beside the GPS data the PTT could also be located by the satellite itself. This data could have an error of +/- 1500m.

Since 06-03-2006 we got no data from Alco anymore. Maybe the transmitter failed, the bird was shot or died naturally.

Live tracking

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An automatically parsing shows the incoming data of the transmitters immidiatly in the web. Klick in the map.

1st greetings

Alco (ZAA black) is feeding in a flock of Whitefronts (klick for enlarge)

On 22-1-2006 we could observe "Alco" near Ee at the Lauwersmeer. On the photo you can see the neckband ZAA and - with a close look - the small antenna on the back. ZAA is mated with female ZAB. Alco is obviously healthy, behaves normally and can really good fly.
On 1-2-2006 Ko Veldkamp observed "Alco" near Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen in a flock of 400 other Whitefronts. Ko didn`t see the female ZAB on this day.