Ringing near the Dollard 2002

During November and December 2002, goose-catcher Kees Polderdijk was invited to catch wild geese in the Reiderland (Dollart, Germany). During this period he caught 190 birds; 170 White-fronts were marked with neckbands. You can see on the following maps where they have been sighted so far.


Sightings winter 2002/03 (klick for enlarge)

Winter 2002/03

During the month following ringing, there were 511 sightings of these birds; most were made in the Netherlands and during spring migration at Brandenburg (Germany). There were also sightings in Poland and in the Baltic States.



Sightings winter 2003/04 (klick for enlarge)

Winter 2003/04

The distribution of marked birds in winter 2003/04 was quite similar to 2002/03. Birds were seen in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. There were also some sightings of birds in Poland. Altogether 501 observations were made. ^
During spring migration one bird was seen on the Kanin-Peninsula in northern Russia.



Sightings Winter 2004/05 (klick for enlarge)

Winter 2004/05

During winter 2004/05, only 320 sightings of these birds were made, including some in Hungary and one in Denmark. They changed from a Western European flyway to a Central European (Carpathian) one.
In the middle of Lower Saxony (north-central Germany) there are some new staging sites of White-fronts (Steinhude Lake, Leinetal). Marked birds ringed in the Dollart were seen there, too.